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CD Reviews by Brenda L Madden
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Jeff White • Right Beside You 6 StarsJeff White • Right Beside You

Jeff White’s album Right Beside You is a collection of bluegrass material flavored with a little country and folk. Jeff, a bluegrass flatpicking guitarist, brings not only his pickin’ style into the spotlight, but also shares his notable vocal and songwriting skills. From Bill Monroe’s “Travelin’ This Lonesome Road” to his self-penned songs, Jeff White hits the mark throughout the project.
Stephanie Layne • Eclectic 6 StarsStephanie Layne • Eclectic

Stephanie Layne’s album, Eclectic, pushes this singer/songwriter further down the road to her musical dreams. Her songwriting artistry and full-bodied vocals continue to mature. From the opening song, “Cowgirl Tough” to “One Nation Under God” and the final song, “Ride,” Stephanie Layne displays a proficiency for country music and delivers a noteworthy performance.
The Cannondolls • Crumbs 5 StarsThe Cannondolls • Crumbs

The Cannondolls is comprised of Caitlin Cannon and Kate Willyard on vocals and Alissa Wolf on fiddle. These three talented ladies combine their creative forces to fashion a diverse Americana project. All songs on the EP were written by Caitlin and Kate and their harmonies blend well with each song interpretation. “Diamonds and Gold” and “Crumbs” stand out on the album.
Chet O'Keefe • Because Of You 5 StarsChet O'Keefe • Because Of You

Chet O’Keefe’s CD, Because Of You is an Americana treasure. This singer/songwriter’s smoky vocals are flavored with folk and blues influences. He is a clever storyteller and masterful interpreter of songs. Chet’s skills glitter on this project, but shine especially bright on “Blue Martin” and “Because Of You.” Chet O’Keefe is an artist who creates “outside the box,” which allows him to construct authentic and impassioned music.
Auburn • Love & Promises 4 StarsAuburn • Love & Promises

The band, Auburn has captured lead singer, Liz Lenten’s sultry blues style on their latest album, Love & Promises. All twelve songs on the project were written by Liz, except “If Everyone Was Listening” which she co-wrote with Mark “Gus” Gustavina. The depth of emotion Liz conveys with each single word is fascinating especially on “Miss You Blues” and the title cut, “Love & Promises.”
Felicia DiVine 4 StarsFelicia DiVine • No! I'm Not A Stripper

Felicia DiVine’s album, No! I’m Not A Stripper, is an unconventional project. This edgy, rock flavored CD, begins rockin’ with “Domestic Engineer” and rolls into “Act Like A Man,” both high spirited numbers and ends with the gritty “Sparta, I’m Coming Home To You.” A fiery performance by Felicia DeVine gives this project originality and spunk.
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