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Stephanie Rabus

Stephanie Rabus • Song And Dance

The just released Stephanie Rabus’ project, Song And Dance is an incredible showcase of her talent. In a world where too often artists rely on elaborate productions and studio tricks to present their product, Stephanie does just the opposite with this acoustic album. Her vocals are pure, exquisite and full of country soul throughout - from her self-penned tunes to the Ben Peters song, “All The Love You Can Stand.”

Breelan Angel

Breelan Angel • Dirty Little Secrets

Texas native, Breelan Angel’s album, Dirty Little Secrets, is a look into not only her vocal talent, but her songwriting skills as well, co-writing all ten songs. Her contemporary country sound is filled with emotion, attitude and passion with songs like “Love Understands” and the title cut, “Dirty Little Secrets.” This project should propel her even higher into the mainstream country music arena.

Julie Keech-Harris • Hey Cowboy

On her Hey Cowboy CD, Julie Keech-Harris lifts up her pure country voice on some classics like Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough” and Merle Haggard’s “Today I Started Loving You Again.” With her confident delivery, she adds her own touch to each song. She also co-wrote one song on the project “John A’s Big Time,” a song written about the legendary John A’s in Nashville, which is a nice tribute.

Robert Allen

Robert Allen • From The Heart

Robert Allen’s album, From The Heart is simply a straight ahead country project. There is no pretense here, the production and Robert’s smooth easy vocals deliver an entertaining album. With familiar songs like “Loving You,” “Faded Love,” “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” and “Here In The Real World,” Robert conveys the essence of pure and honest country music.

Robert Burgeis

Robert Burgeis • The Rednek Rokstar’s Reality

The Robert Burgeis project, The Rednek Rokstar’s Reality is appropriately titled. He is a “Rokstar” but it’s obvious he has a “Rednek” heart. His song lyrics are from the heart and will touch a chord with audiences. He surrounds his words with a rock ‘n roll beat and sings with passion. Of particular interest is “Before They Take It All,” which should become an American anthem.
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